The moment that you tell yourself that you will no longer put up with something or make an internal statement of trying another tactic or direction, or anything that you are directly or committing to you then stay with it. 

​By honouring your approach with anything you wish to do for yourself, you are forming a bond inside. Even small gestures of changing a small part of your daily routine by making time to include something just for you or a larger scale occurrence of completely transforming your life, self-worth or any part that is relevant to you. Maybe you have heard yourself state many times before that you will no longer tolerate being treated badly by a particular person and then you may go back to the relationship or not speak up for yourself at work. Whatever this may be for you, or if you can relate to it, then you can also be assured that in becoming loyal to yourself you are going to witness true gems of your abilities in transforming through a development of inner strength and support. By sticking with your devotion to yourself, you build that unified vision with standing by yourself, you are naturally setting the foundation of a friendship with yourself. 

This leads to a natural occurrence of trust growing with your sense of abilities to truly direct your own life. You may think about a time that someone has continually let you down, this may have made you feel as if they haven’t cared for your feelings and you begin to not trust them with honouring your friendship with mutual respect. Same goes with yourself. When you state an inner intention with yourself and then don’t follow through, you may not sense the greater impact that you can offer yourself by honouring your needs, inner guidance and stronger pull to do as you desire or even yearn for. 

This trust in you, is carved into a solid foundation that builds momentum to create a structure of stability that grows with each action. 

I’m going to state this clearly and offer you some understanding in the kindness that you can also give to yourself as you learn through self-discovery. This is vital in your approach when you try anything new. Just say, you do decide to make an inner commitment and because it’s new and scary, the moment comes for you to face this devotion and take assertive action, just say, the emotion of overwhelming fear grips you for a time and then you start to berate yourself again. Maybe this time even more than before and the words in your mind get louder with, ‘I told you so’s and ‘I knew I couldn’t do it’ and the feeling of complete defeat takes over. If you relate, then please be aware, to offer an extension of reprieve to yourself and realise it is not easy to take a new approach. State some kindness inwards as you would towards a friend. Uplift your support for your forward momentum, by acknowledging the fact that you even are willing to do something better for yourself. This intention is not to be underestimated. It is surely a courageous act to be able to consciously be aware of your own needs and wishing to grow. Dust yourself off, smile, hold your head up and keep going. 

The very best gesture you could ever offer yourself is a kind gentle break to know your doing the best with what you can in each moment. 

When the next indication comes for you to show up in what you are doing, then at some stage, you may find the strength to go through and when you do, Wow! That beautiful stability of trust will envelope you. 



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