When you are going about your day, and you feel lost in a moment of a feeling of ‘what is the purpose to this?’ ‘what am I really doing here?’ Or any other kind of feeling of, what can be described as, non purpose to your existence. You may see that the smallest of your actions, can assist others and indirectly yourself.  In truly understanding that what you carry within your ability to comfort, console or just offer a kind loving hand to another, you can feel the layers of your purpose expand.  Have you seen what just your smile can do for another. Even as you walk about your day, and meet a stranger with that smile of acknowledgment, that can be just the vibrational charge of the love essence you carry, that can stir the other to feel a moment more worthy to their own existence.

​Never underestimate what the power of your own essence and choices that you are presented with can do. You may be witnessing the daily grind and another day of routine, and maybe feeling a little low yourself. But see how greatly you change focus, when you start to witness the beauty around you.

​No matter where each person is at, in their own individual journey through life, the assistance of a radiant light that can shine through despair, can help beyond all compare.
​The light that you carry within your heart, can just be enough to make another heart light up.  Offering your gift of the beauty of your genuine smile, is the kindest gesture and so easy to share.



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