Faith is the unseen presence with inside of oneself.  Whether that be the belief in an external relevance or source of some kind that you do not feel apart of or that of a deeper sense in yourself that you do feel connected to.  Whatever faith means to you, it often times recognises the ability to remain resolved to believe through adversity.  Adversity is linked to the challenges of experiences that are placed before a person and the infliction between giving up or surrendering over to a higher plan of some sort or a purpose to existence.

Faith need not have any religious connotation at all.  Faith is you and you are faith.  Faith is the doorway to your heart and yours to open, relate to and imbued your own devices to connect to this support system. 

In understanding that your own faith can hold you in the darkest of places and a mix of circumstances during uncertain times then you are well equipped to deal with the presentation of any changes and challenges. 

Faith does not need to be attached to religious views, god/goddess, jesus, buddha, Jehovah, or any deity, just your quiet resolve in your belief in something that happens to begin with you, is what you can do, to create faith to be your friend and assist you on your way.  The truth of faith is just that, that you, in your intimate state within your being, have faith in your heart and that is enough, just as is, you have your own doorway to faith.
Faith is met with comfort, peace, graciousness and gratitude and this is the unification of faith meeting faith regardless of religious views.  Faith can be developed by a construction of your own devices as believing in an unseen presence and that is all.  It need not be what others believe or what you think you need to do.  Faith is freely granted to expand inside to out and emphasises your capacity to relate your life circumstances with a purpose to it at all.  Each step faith can carry you through, if you have met faith, the sense is peaceful, graceful, gracious, gracefully infused and highly charged energy that can transform doubts to belief and furtheron to be many, what can be said to be miraculous inner transformations.

Remembering faith is often a path of darkened steps with no view of the light beyond and that is the magic that exists inside you as you light your way to come to view.  You create your path with faith by your side and the hope of the belief you infuse within you. 

Faith is non-denominational, non-political, faith knows no difference between black or white, nor does it care for rights or wrongs.  Faith walks in soft gracious waves, comforting, uplifting essence that carries one through to salvation.  Faith has no opinions no political stance, faith sees not of sexual preferences, nor the colour of ones skin, faith engulfs one with belief and that is all.

Faith can be greater infused if you place yourself inside of this and have an awareness through understanding that you too are just as much a part of the unseen possibilities as any external devices that others may choose to believe.
Even during emotional rollercoasters of desperate feelings or pains that are presented, your faith can eternally hold you in comfort.  Through faith you are uplifting yourself as you walk gently upon the earth. 

Due to the varying degree of experiences in life and the contrasts between beliefs, ideas and objectives of religious institutions, you have the certainty to claim some form of hope when you feel helpless and that is your own individual belief which infuses belief in yourself too. In unsettling times of great changes and challenges that are presented as unrest,  you can infuse your faith with deeper connection to your internal knowing that believes in your endless unseen possibilities.
Strong in faith supports the impact of humanities challenges and assists individuals that have no faith at all.  Let the stream of faith, no matter what your ideology, to link through any angst towards the peaceful presence of heaven to earth.

​Sariah Sistar


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