What is the deeper part of you? The often times hidden aspect of your entirety.  Throughout a lifetime, limiting beliefs are established as to believing in a self being just of the mind and emotions.  At times, you may have perceived, sensed or glimpsed the deeper part of you that holds further knowledge about your existence.

​The glimpsing is through what seems to be a mirror effect of your soul image that shines through the looking door to your heart.  If you have witnessed a sensation in your body that does not seem like a part of the mind or even an emotional response, then you may be utilising the connection to your soul self.

​The soul self is a unique vibration and does not have any restraints or conditions for you, to you or from you.  It offers you nothing but complete, unconditional love that is supporting from a distance, your life’s learnings and journey. In the hope of the remembrance of your acknowledging this aspect of you, your soul self awaits your conscious connection.  Never expecting you to do, be or need you to do anything.  Nor does it place any needs or wants on you.  In the beautiful space with inside of you, you have an energy that grows the more you use it, witness the effects and naturally it will expand out for your deeper self to envelope everything you are.  In mind, body, spirit, you connect deeply to equalise the balance of all aspects of who you are.

​To sense the deeper part of you, is to allow the emotions to pause for a moment and in the initial response, you may ‘check in’ on yourself to see if what you are feeling is from your thoughts or feelings.  Going deeper than that is where you will feel this strange pull of inner peace, comfort, serenity and complete composer.  You are connecting to your inner intelligence system, your soul self.  Some may call this, ‘the higher self’ but has been seen as no higher or lower, just is.  An intricate part of your unique expression of the One Source.  This is also, the part that is in unity with life, humanity, animals, all that is.

​By gauging your own response as to the connection to the deeper part of you, you will be intimately creating a support system to open up this assistance and hence, be able to grow it.  The more supportive of yourself you are through kindness, gentleness, honesty, loving actions and nurture, you initiate the impact of this deeper part of you to come further into view.

“Ask and you will be granted” – when you ask your deeper self for help or guidance and are open to receive, then you will be blessed by the appearance of what is revealed to you. If you are coming from your ego self in what you can get, what you want or any condition to the assistance, you may not be ready to receive. Although the soul self will be awaiting your return.

Your soul self has never left you and you cannot be detached from it ever, rather you can unconsciously be unaware of the existence of this deeper part you.

​Believe in yourself and your capabilities to shine this deeper part of you. Nurture, grow and sow, reaping the rewards as you go…


​Sariah Sistar

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