If one view is displayed, shown or seen, then the way each person ‘sees’, relates, understands the view is many intricate facets of perception. Then the view becomes not of one item, or person or even a landscape image, the view then is mixed with millions of different images, stretching our minds to perceive through the eyes of others.  This is what our compassion, empathy and ability to expand beyond our own limited single view of what we identify, interpret the association of the image to be.

Strengthening our capacity to share our hearts do we choose to see the sight through others and we may do so, with openness to explore the wonder of life.  Differences in visions are we all the more so unique, more so combined as well to unify in stretching out our knowledge to take lessons from one another, through inter-relating in deeper comprehension towards seeing the many  aspects of each other.

Loving learning, contemplating, connecting, reflecting, broadens our resolve within ourselves and interpreting further to expand our self-knowledge.  Infusing life with wonder in pondering in allowance of what is shown, do we move more into a space of infinite exploration to reveal more.

perceiving1 image

How can there be just one view, one way, one knowing, one opinion? If we have billions of minds, emotions, intricately devised aspects of us all, then the strengthening of the mind, is granted and given when we offer in choosing to see through our hearts as to what another may be viewing.  Walking through our hearts in no longer opposing or insisting that one way is the only one, do we give of ourselves and offer deeper understanding within.

Full of images, views, opportunities, does life give us endless expanse to form our inter-connectedness to approach one another with reflections, relating’s and appreciation to how each interpretation, each person is relevant, seen, understood and embraced.

With love,




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