In a sense the energetic vibration of mis-interpretation of any abilities within that are enabled to expand us beyond comfort, do we see that understanding of anything to do with self has been built on layers of self-annihilation rather than clearer perception of our true empowerment state. The design of intricate proportions of descriptive devices, has it been that to honour ourselves has been limited in conditioning as to it being self centred or selfish in the degree of returning back within ourselves to utilise the hidden skills in transforming self doubt into true heart full belief.

In essence, we can combine two parts of the self leadership in our loving states of how we can lead ourselves in life as well as compassionately support and love one another. Centring in on only one essence to place a focal point only internally, can this be described as self-centred, or egotistical, however, during the processing of returning back to reassess and readdress our hearts desires can we respond to fulfil our inner needs whilst exuding love for others and this is where the quality of exceptional abilities expand us, beyond mere comprehension and back to the understanding that of which, if you cannot love yourself, then you are less abled to truly love others.


Honouring the space inside of each person by their own choices, hands, and actioning is crucial to have that space fulfilled to completely be full enough to share this with anyone and anything in any given situation that life throws our way. Looking at this way and that to find answers, from anything but the guide within, can lessen our powerful centre, where the essence of our own self leadership is grown and more revealed as to the magic that exists within our heart space.

Taking the pause to reflect into the inner knowing before seeking outside of one self, does the ignition propel further development of intuition to arise to the forefront in returning back to seek advice from our own essence. But of course, then the going against the norm, the common complacency of others, the track of less travelled footsteps. In this day and age, many more people are being drawn to work internally on individual growth, leading life from inner knowing and being more driven to guide themselves. As long as the process is not then projected at others or seeking further attention to turn self leadership into thoughts of disabling others, then the true essence of relating to choosing to look after one self does appeal in unconditional love that transforms in natural flow to listening and responding to the true core.


Individuality in expressing our authentic state is unique in itself, is conditioned to be anything but self honouring, worthy of our focus and divine right to show our authority unto ourselves. Some may see this from the conditioned sense of self empowerment to be self centred, maybe bringing up their own unexpressed hearts desires in emotional injustice, finger pointing or attempting to sway others to believe what they do, to lessen the powerful presence that is underneath all mis-perceptions. However, this is the way that society has been led to believe alignment to relate to ourselves and adjusting our own lives based on our inner abilities to be. If a person no longer asks others for advice or does not stretch an occasional egoic level of what a person may be seeking to fulfil to take power from an individual to do as they say or may become angered that the need to verify that perception for fulfilment of what has not been given with inside of themselves, then anger may rise in replacement to the unfulfilled detriment of the person. On another note, some may feel inspired, moved or reminded of their own inner abilities to come back to themselves and look for advise within too and this is most beautiful witnessing of when we are open to learn from one another through our hearts, our qualities of compassion, unity and peaceful presence.


Times are a changing when it comes to true self ownership of actions, behaviours, directions in self growth and what once seemed so hidden and buried under limited comprehension is becoming more revealed, more greater received in many people seeking inside to look after themselves, to fulfil emotional wounds with self love, and infusing life with individual honest self leadership.

Empowering of self leads to complete allowance through awareness of others to not confine anyone to ones own way rather their own unique way to flow at will, at the inner understanding of freedom within each individual to choose their own direction, not of the way of what needs to be followed, or shown, rather embracing of the qualities that exist in each persons ability to show themselves the way, in any which way that is.

With love,




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