When infusing our life with substance we are reminding ourself of our worth and create deeper awareness

When we infuse our connections to others through relating rather than dismissing through misunderstanding – we create awareness

When we infuse our actions with substance we see the blessings we can offer through becoming aware of the impact of our focal point – we create conscious effort

When we listen with kindness rather than be distracted by our own wants and needs – we create empathy

When we offer our hearts regardless of the return – we grow genuine compassion

When we sense the rainbows through the most torrential storms – we believe in a purpose of life’

When we offer gratitude in times of suffering – we find blessings with each step

When we relate even when we would not choose another’s actions – we offer deeper understanding

When we seek solitude in times of overwhelm – we find our own emotions

When we grant ourselves the very things we crave from others – we touch the divine within

The substance of life is not what we think but rather what we choose to do

Love’s Blessings,

Sariah Sistar


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