When sensing deeper into our inner essence, we are shown many visions, treasures and directions to further our advancement into a flow of inner knowing. The visioning became clearer when the releasing of what once was believed to be faults, mis-understandings and disagreements with the hearts knowledge, and the time came to be available for the power to restart many chambers of hidden pathways. The heart full attempts at dismissing what felt as pain, angst and despair, was a weight the heart could no longer deny, hold or bare. The turning point of choosing to witness further the thoughts that did not serve, align or honour the sense of self, was grasped with the pain presentation of past hurts, others beliefs, and experiences that continued to repeat in the mind. Sensitivities led the way, as the gauging of possibilities infused positive upliftment of the mind to relate further to how to assist with owning the way the thoughts were playing out in the outer world view.

receiving intuitive gifts image1

Dismissing of long buried hurt, feelings of inadequacy and injustice, slipped up like a slime of unglorious, ugly parts of what was concealed for far too long. Wiping away the sludge with tears of raw emotions, of true love that never died along side the pain, brightened the path and enabled the travels to be on steadier, cleaner and fresher ground. Revealing of pathways became exposed, no longer were they blocked with debris, blinded by lack of understanding and underutilising the availabilities of powerful choosing to honour the space of the mind and body. The temple was seen as the golden glow of the centre of being present to the core realisation of what was believed underneath many a mixed emotion.

Met with what seemed a goddess of some structure, was at the heart of the vision that came, to be cleared as the vision appeared, shining in fractal form of barely visible to the naked eye, she spoke to me in her softened, yet firm embrace to never fear of what is not understood, never fear to speak the unspoken or believe in the undeniable. The existence of her stood before me as she longed to embrace the one she had loved all along, never had she left me, support had been close by and comfort was received by sensing beyond belief.

Belief formed to include all forms of what could be seen, sensed, felt and understood to be not separated from anything, musical tunes emanated from inside and became the music of the soul as the goddess reappeared and then dissolved just as quick. The time matter was not there, did not exist, but the memory remains in true shape and form, that is now infused as part of her existence. She, of what was only limited in structure from the mind became her heart and soul. Hearing her speak directly in what can be described as angelic tones of melodies beyond the earths surface, the words of the path I would take and the right of way I would make for myself to learn, develop and share of all that was witnessed, experienced and shown to be of us all.


Many moments became immersed within the same space and the longing for this was shown to be always apparent, even as a child, did the feelings of another knowing would take over even during the experiences that caused the mixed view to misconstrue. Her heart was true, open to receive now the gifts within as the items of skills were placed before her on the majestic device of bright surfacing of pathways to view, feeling the liberation of the right to choose what had always known to be, the way forward to embark on another journey that was led from the one where I’d already been.

Feeling her as apart of the body, mind and essence is not just the same Being of her presence, rather the many that have come to speak to the heart of mine as the opening to hear beyond what was once confined to fall on deaf ears of limitation. Amongst the relearning of further capabilities, exposing of intuitive gifts explored and adored, does come with many challenges that define the journey of the energetic being in situ and the state of which leaves breathless, unabated wonder at the continual possibilities to expose what once was concealed.

With love,







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