When we are honest with ourselves, we continue to treat ourselves well by listening to what does not align with our peaceful state of our being. In being present to pause to reflect deeper into how certain situations are causing any anguish, we learn to gauge our own truth to how we honestly feel. This does not come without actioning that then forms the realisation as to what we can do with facing our honesty and our re-alignment back to inner peace.

Committing to self growth leads to continually be honest with how we feel, taking steps too, to be honest with others and in doing so, this creates a trust with ourselves. That beautiful trust begins to form the more honest we become and this initial step is not just with others, but inside our own hearts.

If something does not sit well for a person and the automatic pilot just steers in the same direction to continue to ignore what the inner knowing is showing, presenting and revealing, then the dismissal of self is unkind treatment within. And this is where all the emotional debris piles on top of our inner peace. In responding to the admittance of self denial, can a person take another path to listening deeper to the structure within, to feel emotions, to learn to trust instinctual senses and develop the capabilities to witness what taking action can do.


Liberation of what once felt so scary, so impossible to change or even feelings of unworthy to even do so, shows just how much freer one can feel, when the time comes of that weight against the heart becomes too much to bare. Expanding beyond comfort zones then becomes bravery and ever so enticing to commit to what is beginning to grow from the intuitive guide within.

The way we notice our bodies tense or calm at the response to situations, people and our own behaviours is developed as a broader skill as we utilise the gifts that are apart of our existence, as much as the mind and body is.

With love,


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