Opening to inner alignment

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Commonplace it seems to restrict, hold back and contain the essence of the full expanse of what is offered in the presence of each person’s capability. Sometimes, the experience of a joyous emotion can be restricted as trying to ‘fit’ in to the commonality, the ordinary and the acceptance of approval of how others around are behaving, thinking and believing. In holding back happiness, joy, love, we hold this back from ourselves but also there is another learning that is developed from allowing without limiting the full expression to come, present and just be as we realise there is room for everyone, more than enough space to allow the comfort of your light, heart to show.

Regardless of what people think, believe or feel with inside of themselves, we can present how we also feel within too. When we show up in authenticity in relation to our inner world view and the emotions that are experienced without holding this back to make others feel comfortable, we learn to grow in honesty, trust and rawness with ourselves.  In doing so, we also develop growth in supporting ourselves to present what is real within how we feel, how we are responding to situations based on honesty and authenticity.



Shrinking ourselves seems the way we have been conditioned to not take up any room, not to play life big or look out of the norm in any way.  We can do this out of the need to fit in, to be approved and just like many others around us. Or we can realise that there is enough room for all to shine in individual essences as to what we previously may have contained, restricted or feared in expressing.  This too, is based on how using words based on how we feel, think or understand and not fearing how any one else objects to what we say or think in difference to them.  And this comes too with being honest about how we feel and not just going along with complacency to be the same as others in order to not stand out as different, unique or not the same. Sure, this can be scary at first and the mind will be circling with thoughts of feeling inadequacy, wondering what a person will think of us as we speak from respect that we have of ourselves to no longer hide or dismiss our core truth.

We re-address our alignment with ourselves and a natural occurrence of self approval grows the more we show up for ourselves, not in conflict or seeking to project the uniqueness of our sense of self, but rather through what is shown or presented to make a choice to just go along with not being true to you or taking that chance to stick by your inner knowing and speak if the situation calls to treat yourself well by honouring the truth of how you feel.

This, as much as any other learning, becomes easier the more it is understood, utilised and explored the more we can trust to stand by ourselves and no longer dismiss one’s self to make others feel comfortable.  In doing so, inspiration is shown for anyone else wishing to do the same for themselves. Although, once again, this is not intended, the freedom within the sense of wellbeing in alignment to our true self is the way to show up, find courage and speak from a space of honouring the truth inside of you.


The liberation that can be felt with each step of being true to yourself, can be felt with complete inner peace and the sense of courage being built to continue on to brave the experiences of what is presented to play it big and no longer hide from ourselves.  In times of discomfort or worry, the foundation of the relationship that a person has with themselves, shows to be stronger than once thought. This relationship is generally forgotten as external distractions dismiss the need to look after, care and support our greater sense of wellbeing.  The moment a choice is consciously made to align with the truth inside, is where the true inner peace can be seen and more options revealed the more that this is followed and experienced.

With love,


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