The wording of that, unconventional healing, came to me, as with everything that creates the occurrence of knowing to share. This way is the defined approach to what has been experienced and continues to be so. In the heart of the honesty that is encapsulated in the depth of the inner guide, I share as I translate to the best of the ability towards greater awareness of our functions, our abilities and our deeper connections to one another.

In transpiring the certainty of what has been witnessed and the devotion to the path that I embarked on some years ago, the learnings continue to play, merge and come together more so from the interconnectedness that I experience within myself and through more glimpsing of perspectives. The unconventional healing is not for the faint, not for the staunch in opposition, is not combined with any one direction or limited by any other. It is a unique place that exists within the heart of each person and conducted by the individual guidance system within inner knowing. Never is it confined to complete descriptions, limitations or need to devices to follow. No steps, no ‘follow me’s’ or appeasing to be led by the egoic aspect of intending to expand off another. For it is through following the path that is within intimate journeying with inside of yourself/ourselves. Forming to combine relevant understanding as to what is encountered and using the responses of deeper perspectives to lead ourselves, moment to moment of where we wish to be, see, experience and grow.

Unconventional is just that, as the wording presented itself to me, to bring the often times, unspoken word to dare revert back to the inner guide. Yes, the voice of many that are seeking further to embrace more parts of themselves, rather than the old worn out ways that are starting to slip, with following anyone else’s way. Leading to self empowerment, when utilising the unconventional healer within. Each person has their own hero, their own unique expression and indications as to the way to assist themselves. More frequently is it becoming apparent as to the way society is beginning to become more discerning when it comes to others telling us what we need to do, be, and see.

Meeting the healer within is the unconfirmed state of our being, the strength of the soul, inner knowing, and will never be confined to be placed in restrictive ways. To listen intently to the direction, response and guidance of the inner healer is conducted by being drawn by that strange pull at times, that indescribable core sensing that continues to expand the more it is allowed to be the mind aspect of ourselves. In developing the trust as the exploration is undeniable as to what can be done from this other aspect, we begin to focus to pause to connect. the healing is awoken and the harmonious interconnectedness is available to perceive beyond confines of just the ordinary mind to understand. The unconventional healer is exposed to itself in the body, mind, and heart of the individual and continually at ‘will, to be chosen again to cleanse, restore and move to another greater awareness of itself. The transpiring’s that can occur as the initial instigation is connected to the higher intelligence of the healer within, we can only know what this truly feels like and will be different for each person. But nevertheless, we can gather our sharing’s and support the journey of what we are all on in this life, to relate further to the development of each person to discover their own unconventional healer.

More has come to be shared and will be done as I embrace the full path of what I initiated nearly three years ago, the dedication to the devotion to the way of the soul is at times beyond my own comprehension as I learn more than what I could ever fully realise. To open up to support this gift of this intuition, far stretches beyond any doubts as to the existence of what was, is and is yet to come..

With love,



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