When we flip a situation to look at it from another angle, we are able to broaden our perspective. This can take a conscious effort to focus in on taking the action to conceive. In delving deeper and relating to how we respond to the world is reflecting once again to the way we believe ourselves to be. In encountering using the broader view, we are able to see far more options towards situations, challenges and experiences. This leads to expanding the witnessing effect of learning to step out of the situation and gauge from the inner knowing advice, within. Our mind will follow through as the intertwined understanding is embraced for further learning.

Flipping to find comprehension, answers and solutions, we are utilising hidden parts of ourselves and stretching the mind to be able to alter the mindset of limitation to a more fuller perspective.  In doing so, we find by altering our narrow-minded appearance, can we learn to strengthen our inner resolve.

In resolving to inner guidance our focus changes to the initial responses in life to be more present before the mind interrupts with the constant chatter. The judgements cease furtheron as we pause to trust what brings us peace rather than trying to analyse in detail as to what is presented in our lives. This is truly self empowering assertive actioning of leading one’s self towards returning the focus back within rather than listening to the constant struggle of the conditioned thoughts, learnt behaviours that are anything but empowering. And this is where the flow occurs as we notice the one we are, notice how we respond, take ownership without requiring to self judge or interrupt the following of what the inner needs are.

The more the steps are taken to gauge, reflect and feel deeper into honesty with ourselves, the more prevalent does it become just how accepting of ourselves can we truly be.

With love,



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