There’s many ways to create space for self understanding, allowing and greater supportive connection towards releasing unexpressed, held and bound emotions to rise. Given the vast and varied amount of experiences and emotions intertwined within these learnings, the similar occurance is the emotional relevance. So to exclude the ability to self heal is common in society and many walks of life. Although never am I saying that a person does not seek help, advise or expertise when dealing with sensitive issues, rather we are able to address these on our own too.

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Choosing to feel emotions surface whilst holding one’s self in an embrace and by this I refer to curling up if the feeling is drawn to you and wrapping arms around to comfort, support, nurture and embrace the one you are. Feeling tears, hurt, pain whilst soothing with kind gentle words. Connecting on deeper levels to the inner knowing and being supported too by a universal embrace, brings about exceptional healing abilities within.

In the allowing is where the initiating begins, the suppressed blockages are released and brought forth to express to transform. Childlike crying, true core heart full tears can bring much relief, liberating to turn the higher learning to take effect. Frightening it seems to feel vulnerable, even with yourself but as soon as the witnessing of the power of what this can do is viewed, the way will be seen that what once felt fearful of showing ourselves how we really feel is revealed in further freedom and more capabilities than once thought.self-sufficient-healing-image-e1518514069328.jpg

Through the actioning of choosing to surface deep hidden emotions of the past, we can step on more solid self supportive ground as we use the inner senses to lead. The experiences continue to wish only to explore more, to brave the depths of what else can be found as we delve deeper into ourselves and receive confirmation time and again as we fully experience just what can be done for ourselves by ourselves. Self sufficiency ignites as we create space to listen deeper to inner needs, directions and guidance. This leads to self leadership, and relying upon the one that can choose to either stand by ourselves or reject the way forward. And this is always a choice that presents itself, to commit to self devotion, loving parts that once were not understood and gain greater clarity about ourselves, others and experience life from a more empowered stance.

Emotions that are hidden, trapped and denied create for a rocky ride, less supportive and unstable experiences. So on the flip side, turning the perspective is laying a solid steady foundation upon the path for the next steps to be taken.

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The greatest form of self love is allowing feelings to be felt, and be held in our own embrace, which is experienced as even greater knowledge of what is presented through self guidance or by another if the creation of this is option is available. Your own inner guidance is best for you to direct you where you need to be and what you are inclined to do. There are many combinations of holding space and embracing in comforting our hearts and this blog is sharing with the intent to focus in on the existence of what self healing can do and the surfacing of information that we are more powerful than what has been previously believed or taught. As well as the breaking down of many mis-perceptions of requiring others to tell any other of what they need to do, or how they need another to heal them or take away their own essence of capabilities that are enabled to expand through self leadership and gaining broader clarity through experiencing the depth within.

The exploration of diving deeper into our self healing abilities is ever expanding to combine with learning, witnessing and experiencing the pathways that we choose to open. There is no right or wrong way of doing anything. Neither is there only one way. There is only a purpose to share of what can be transformed and bring about your own meeting with the healer within.

With love,


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