Many perceptions in life shape our sense of identity, we then interpret these messages as many times, they sit against our hearts, our internal view we then have about ourselves. When realising the way we interpret, internalise, analyse and respond to these mixed messages from many types of people, we place these images, perceptions of what others think into our sense of self. Often times, this is seen to play out in the deeper aspect of what we believe ourselves to be, limiting our own sense to truly grow from what we feel further about ourselves.

When we look into self doubt, feelings of less than or any form of inadequacy, we can appreciate, how our beliefs are shaped, formed and almost imbedded into our psyche. Stopping the continual chatter of the mind to pause and reflect on a more broader level of understanding, enables the mind to cease the constant interruption to understand that even self judgement responds to how we have been judged, criticized or ridiculed in any which way. Comprehending with inside of one’s self of how belief systems are built and how the internalisation has shaped the connection to how we view ourselves and others to be, we become more capable to strip back what does not sit well, which leads us to flip self doubt into self worth. A note to make here is that to utilise compassion towards people that have more often times, unconsciously projected beliefs or harsher words onto others, brings greater clarity too, to understand and relate to these same people just finding their own way through life too. It brings about a great reprieve when a person can see that the pain carried is not always one’s own to hold, but at the same time have true compassion to accept just what is, what has been, and move forward to bring more clarity to your own heart, mind, self.

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The deeper senses of inner knowing will also be able to expand more as the mind comprehends the greater clarity as to the way self identity has played, brought about what has been believed about self-worth or even what was led to make decisions based on what the feelings of self identity was once denied.  In becoming conscious of the variety of overlaying and overlapping of thoughts that have shaped how you feel about yourself, it is apparent as to the way you may have hidden the true beauty of the hearts expanse. By this I relate to the way that a person may deny themselves further opportunities, or self growth if they have believed that they are not worthy of having the things, experiences, people and abundance in life.  Such a variation as to the life each person leads, the way family life has played out and the diverse personalities that have lasting effects on a persons identity, that to just highlight, in an overall attempt to convey, that no matter what structure, culture, or experience a person has witnessed, there is a general clarity that can come through for each person, to understand the connection to the way they feel about themselves and how this has actually been grown.

The flip side of this awareness is then able to take effect as a person feels into their own truth and remains committed to supporting themselves to gauge deeper into their true self worth.  This will challenge a persons beliefs with inside of themselves, although at the same time, be able to relate further to more options to step forward and grow towards more freedom in creating their own beliefs of the sense of self.  At the same time, a natural flow of releasing what does not serve a person will leave the space of self doubts as self belief takes shape to step bravely through life, with each new fresher steps in support of self awareness.

With love,


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