Freedom is what we find within us, not necessarily what we do, but what is found, no matter where we are, go or be, we find it inside..

Many wish for the taste of leaving the structure of life’s daily grind, the routines, and the commonality of same old going on. However, for some have also seen that the initial actioning of leaving jobs behind or finding a sense of freedom by only changing circumstances to be short lived and leaves no lasting effect of true sense of freedom. The initial reaction may be self-fulfilling and a form of courage to leave the safety of what is known, but without a solid support and even a deeper sense of self belief, the journey for freedom may be short lived as the reality set in, to not yet grasp in understanding of what is truly required to gain the liberation within to then be able to capably step out of the structure of commonplace. In doing so, we begin to align and match the inner world understanding within self to the outer external world view.

To step beyond the comfort zone is to continue to take each step at one’s own pace as the bravery of self-leadership is grown from the inside out. Courage will form into more expanse that will be shown, experienced and understood. This is where the strength of inner support/self-belief is grown too. The more we show ourselves what we can do to set limiting beliefs free and move more into venturing beyond the comfort into unknown but yet intriguing exploration of what we can truly find within ourselves.

It is that incredible natural occurrence, once again, that is viewed inside as to the deeper sense of freedom of what once was restricted or not yet understood that can set concepts free to be comprehended. The view with inside of ourselves can alter greatly as the clearer awareness shows of how we can support ourselves far beyond what has been believed by many. And in continually experiencing this, we then too initiate self-reliance and may feel the times change to no longer require others to direct one’s own life as the connection is formed closer to one’s self.

Taking steps forward can be done in any which way one feels drawn to, once again, it is your life, your way. Each person has their own inner world view, with perspectives, feelings that sense and their own inner knowing that does not need to be continually explained, justified to others or questioned, rather transformation comes with what is understood within ourselves.

As with anything new we learn, the initial steps can always feel the most difficult, but what is there to truly lose? Only a few misunderstood pieces of the full development of what can be done for one’s self. When answering the call of the heart’s pull, or if feeling like breaking free from the norm, then the step can be as gentle as learning to truly relate and address the inner needs of yourself, instead of pushing it away. Rather, facing what feels as the obstacle but is really the gift of what was once hiding. This will naturally expand the comfort zone. Hidden amongst any disarray are our most incredible gifts that we can utilise to build a support system within ourselves to continue to step bravely forward with inner courage, acceptance and reconnection.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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