In our hearts we hold childlike joy, unrestrained passion for life, no cares, no concerns, like innocent eyes that shine and glow in wonder of life’s possibilities. Life’s experiences has seen a cover-up of this heart full essence. Due to the vast array of challenges, circumstances, family and societal situations and cultural conditions, play a part in how deep this essence is buried. This relates too, towards how much you yourself have identified these challenges internally. This is the opportunity to be kind to yourself too as you may not have noticed any other choices or even sensed further impact as to what this covering up has created or dismissed. My goodness, how easily this is taken on, to believe it to be about you(challenges, people’s opinions, reactions, over emotional contexts..), to feel less than at the hands of unloving parents and to be swarmed up in the wheel of life to then not remember that beautiful child within – your authentic essence. Long forgotten can it be to recall that little girl or boy inside. That little one that tried to hide, but there in your heart is the treasure still within, longing to be held and found.

Have you ever, as an adult, just allowed yourself to be childlike, without trying, rather just naturally being free to laugh without care, to skip, swing, jump, play? You most certainly would have felt that light hearted joy spring to the surface, inner peace felt and that free flow kick back in.. to just freely enjoy, no matter what. The mind quietens and the heart naturally flows with alignment to the joy within. Maybe you paused too, during this time as you may have felt like a fool or scoffed at yourself inside to say, ‘that’s not cool’. Or maybe you allow this experience to come more times regardless of what you try to diss, cos it feels great, like fully living, embracing and remembering what you once adored.

Anything that brings you joy, is a blessing to your heart as long as it is safe, self nurturing and kind, then you may allow this to come more as you play through whatever you wish to do. With the choosing of the options of having more joy, will the natural occurrence be that the child in you is seen once again. This essence that you carry will feel safer to move closer to the surface by you allowing yourself to be acknowledged and freeing up the space further to rise that once forgotten little person that is still a par to you to the forefront of remembering you are worthy, that you are deserving and allowed to take up as much space as you like in your beautiful blessed light.

Journey Well.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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