Conscious choosing to shift through joy

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Giggles lighten the soul, release unwanted debris of unexpressed emotions and connect to the deeper part of our natural joyous state of being inside. Questions do not always need to be answered straight away, many times the thoughts of the mind can create many mixed emotions and uncertainty. During times of greatest of challenges, sometimes, by choosing to lighten up with fun, freedom of expression of joy and happiness, can create this beautiful ‘peace pause’ that may be craving to be set free. To step away and allow one’s self to experience joy, smiles, giggles and light hearted entertainment, can be just the tonic to soothe any angst or despair.

As children inside, we are all connected by joyous expression, by naturally allowing to sink into the smiles of others, or to allow that beautiful smile to come from inside to out, loving connections of giggling without restraint. This is where the challenges of experiences are transferred into a less impacting way of what once was thought. Choosing to consciously give over the weight of a hard time, rough seas of emotions and any issues that are presented, and then step through to the sunshine, the lightness of joy, though not hiding in still acknowledging the situation exists, rather giving a reprieve to enjoy too all the abundance of music, singing, dancing in the softness of the sun, feeling into our skin, the freshness of life brings a vitality and a pure essence of light to bask in the heart.

There will still be a time to come back to situations at hand, however, seeing that when you come back with light in the heart, the answers may be more present to view of what is required to be done, more options revealed or the intensity of the emotional reactions will be lessened. Even the mind’s thoughts will not be swimming as greatly, causing the turbulence of emotions to rise, rather, the being will be fulfilled with lightness of the soul. The mind too, will be equipped to smile at the joy that still lingers and quietened down to allow the heart to guide. This is the most honourable action that can be taken, to step away and allow joy to have its way with us.  Let the smiles come, and joy to be felt as the natural expression is consumed within our being.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar


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