People only see Love as what they see Love to be within themselves. This can be difficult when seen from pure heart state, if it were not for the understanding through ones own experiences through learnings of self-love. Sometimes when Love is felt close to another, they may feel it as a mix of interpreting to treat the Love based on past unexpressed/unconscious emotions and interpretations of this. There may be an automatic response to the Love as being defined by previous hurts, or an instigation of suspicions may arise the thinking that another is trying to take something, force or convey whatever the interpretation of what love for the individual has previously been.

Whatever the initial response to Love is, is truly where Self Wisdom can be found and utilised for further growth and development of each individual. Therefore it moves to be understood further within ourselves and enhances our ability to eventually connect Love to be non responsive, with the freeing up of emotional judgements of love and realise it to be undefinable and simply exists as neutral universal energy. As well as, the human aspect to then feel this love to express itself often times as joy, naturally at ease and free flowing in motion.

The feeling of love can create many unhealed parts of self to appear, some may turn away, or project self hurt to another, therefore denying it within themselves or some may then too find another sense of inner courage to view. To then step back for a moment to take a broader witnessing view. Not from judgement or blame, hurt or shame, but rather from a point that is quite neutral to have a look with compassionate understanding of what this may be showing/teaching inside of one’s self. What the knowledge of our own self-love can teach us, to then be able to allow Love to be fully present within and available as a source of connection that we have with ourselves. We then, no longer view love to have an ulterior motive, need to be fulfilled by any other, or Love to be frowned upon, or be suspiciously viewed at what it can take away. Once breaking free from this interpretation/limitation and realising Love has an endless supply within itself, then we can see that Love cannot ever take away, or need to be received, it will just flow, allow and naturally be.

This is when a hidden instinct can then see, the turning point, to relate more to understand one’s self rather than reject the love that’s innocently at play inside us all. Love has no agendas or needs to expect anything from another, Love sits gently in all our hearts, in relating with trust, compassion and allowing any which way to be.

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