Healing parts of ourselves can become somewhat a twisted view, if it is feels like something requires to change within a person. When we are trying to heal, we may fall too into an unconscious view of believing ourselves to be broken and this can be rather debilitating with a great sense of pressure to be something else that we feel another needs to see and may even push the true self of a person behind that image that may be distorted. These may be a distortion of perception, when it comes to the belief a person may have to heal within. Maybe it’s been mass taught in society in general to believe that there is something not worthy, something always needing to be fixed or healed about ourselves.

We may also begin to see, as we peel apart certain layers of conditions that have been placed around this concept, that to understand how we may feel is to then acknowledge the allowance of more of this to reveal in ones own relating. In sensing a greater capacity to accept what is felt, thought or experienced by an individual, one may also realise the many fascets of a person to be present for the gift of life’s learnings. To transform is not to change, rather to bring more understanding to the light of awareness of this concept or any other perspective for that matter.

Society in general has become complacent to accept and then believe that a person needs to change or pressured to feel that they are broken due to not fitting into a confined box of what has been portrayed as the perfect person. This fascade is likened to a mysterious self identity of maybe believing that someone else has no scars, no pain, no problems and the list goes on. It may be a worthy idea to remember that to live on this planet is to have experiences, there is no other way and to treat the experiences as a voyager on a quest to understand and relate to themselves more, without the need to tear ones self apart with the concept of believing this to be bad or wrong.

On another note, the infusing of what many healers too may state they are trying to change in another is confused with what they believe about themselves or unconsciously drawing in societies misconception as to what healing is truly about. To transform is to heal, to accept is to reveal more about ourselves, more about our beliefs, feelings and create a fresher understanding to reveal itself. Some may have experienced this relating as that ah ha moment of reality to become conscious and begin to see the perfection in the design of life’s wonder of us all. We have not come here to be perfect, to sit idly with believing that we are broken to feel emotions that have been analysed as good and bad. We cannot have our full spectrum of colour within ourselves without all the variations of experiencing all emotions time and again. This is where the flip can reveal itself as we see programming of rights and wrongs take effect. However we are becoming wiser as a collective to the notion that we are anything but glorious in our full spectrum of combinations of colours of our experiences.

Sariah Sistar

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