When you are at complete peace within and without you are at home with your true self.  When you are in angst or in a form of despair from within, the surrounds of your circumstances will leave you in conflict with the attachment of what you relate to as your external factors being in response to what you believe to be you.  Never is it about you when you are reflecting deeper into the circumstances of your life.  Underneath all the thoughts and emotions of life’s rollercoaster, there is a treasure inside of you that does not identify any situation as to the truth of what you are.  Feeling into this space is like stepping into another time and place, beyond the veils of suffering and any despair, it is a completed peaceful presence that can be sensed, felt and truly revealed as the deepest part of you.

​If you are looking for direction and know not of which way to turn, feel into the soft space in between and pause to glance beyond circumstances that are not your identity or description, rather just life’s blissful learning through experiences.  Contemplate the situation, but be not concerned too greatly at relaying it to be about you or even attached to you.  For it is not, and never has been.  The external surrounds of you are the glancing of the oversight of a life, however, they are to be witnessed, understood and learnt through pausing to receive the greater understanding and awareness of the true identity of you.

​Being unsure of what to make of situations or even what step to take along the pathway of universal journeying into the depth of experience can be challenging, however, you were committed to having these experiences and to remember what you are most capable of understanding and moving through.  Opening up to deeper understanding may see you surrender to what you only think are occurances as to what is presented to you, but truly you can find another way to gauge your response from the deeper space within that knows no bounds or limitations.  Feel through your heart of unity, peace and soverignty and you will see the magnificent presence that you can offer yourself through your gracefilled gestures of learning deeper at the wonder of life.

​Pausing, reflecting, deeper breathing, allowing and witnessing all hold a marvellous combined network of gaining that understanding as to the truth of what you are, what you can be and all you are at this moment.  In all the entirity that make you the incredible human and soul that you are, you agreed to journey into the depths of your hearts understanding and hold yourself as the blessed tresure you truly are.  Offer yourself that break as you learn all that life can offer you, all that this wonder of the human experience can be granted to you in the heart of deeper understanding and relance to your free flow of endless possibilities.

Journey Well

​Sariah Sistar

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