Blockages and limitations persist until you become aware of the presence of the inner voice of yourself. Until you hear and hold this part close to your heart and allow yourself to move with the part of you that knows what is best for you, you may experience much inner turmoil and unpleasant emotions.

This part of you may have been suppressed for too long and may take a loving coaxing to be heard. It has tried many times over to be heard against all the chatter going on in your mind. You may have been aware of this part of yourself that you deny or you may be completely unaware of its existence.
Allowance of your inner you to be heard time and time again, makes this part of you expand and grow. You start building a trust with yourself as you are moved to take action from this point of power. This is your inner compass, your guide to free up all blockages and limitations within you.

Your inner voice is your wise guidance system that has many answers to assist you at all times. It is your power point, your heart’s guidance, the truest version of yourself. When you tap into this part of yourself and allow your movement to follow this knowledge, then you are embarking on becoming the truest version of yourself. The possibilities are endless as to what you can achieve when you open yourself up further to hear, acknowledge and be guided by this presence. Remember this is not an external part of you, this inner wise guide is a part of your whole being. It has become common place for the majority of people to not feel powerful enough, worthy enough or have any form of wisdom to know what is best for themselves. Maybe you have looked everywhere else to find answers to questions you are seeking, maybe you have handed your power over to others, maybe, just maybe, it is your time now to tap into a source within you, to find your own answers and follow this system inside of you.
It takes a courage to build the momentum to move with this inner guide. You see yourself rise to the challenge at each situation you encounter. However this is for your highest growth and good. Each time you are placed in a unique position to show your generous act of self service, you build more support with this part of yourself.

Persistence too is key to keep yourself going and feeling your way through your day, gently asking yourself for guidance and being open to hearing your own wisdom.
You will know when you are moving with your flow of your inner guidance system when you feel peaceful with actions you are taking and behaviours that you are showing both to yourself and others leave you feeling a natural flow inside. The flow is a state of inner alignment, a natural occurrence that you are being true to yourself and not fighting an internal battle. The choices that you make from your heart’s guidance will build momentum when followed and will leave you feeling content, more confident in yourself and your capabilities to persist with moving through life in an honest loving way.

Love’s Blessings,

Sariah Sistar

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