Nurturing the craving for affection

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In yearning to meet the ‘right one’ or soul mate, or just someone that you can lean on and have to confirm your sense of self worth, you may be missing an opportunity to begin to build a relationship with yourself first, in order to find a match to your true vibrational relevance that comes not from what they can give you, rather from a mutual understanding through love’s blessings.

If you are not in a relationship and yearning to find someone, it may be a good time to take note of what you can give to yourself, what support you can offer towards nurturing your individual needs and then be able to attract the relevant other, from a stand point of fulfilment that you have built within yourself.

Even if you are in a relationship, you too can always begin to offer yourself more self nurture, love and care when you feel you are not having your needs met.  When we can offer ourselves our own friendship, and spend time to nurture, heal, grow love and reveal, we become more inclined to find that stability to then let the craving for affection from others no longer be such a strong focal point or no longer exist at all.  When craving affection, desperation can set in and ill choices made, to take what is available, make do, and as you may have understood these can be painful relationships.  This can be with friendships or intimate relations and can exacerbate unexpressed emotional turmoil.  These deep seeded needs can never be completely fulfilled by any other and desperately clinging to hoping another will respond in the way a person needs, will leave the feeling of further suppression in denial.  Remembering that you are the only one that can capture your true essence of what you require, what you feel you need to satisfy in your own sense of self approval.

In truly allowing yourself this honesty, if you have ever felt this way and yearned from others a love to soothe emotional past pains, and this has left you feeling even more pain, then you may be ready to face the reality of drawing forth from what you can offer yourself.  And this is what you may not wish to hear and that is self love.  Goodness me…yes, Self Love!  The number one thing that may be mocked by many, even sniggered at and denied as irrelevant.  Some may even laugh and smile at you sweetly as you dare to even mention this notion of loving self.  “Oh how sweet, gentle and cute..look at this as the message of self love may be mocked.  If only they knew the full force of this love being the greatest transformational frequency.  This is the big twist of human existence and the deeper conditioning within all societies across many cultures, that Self Love is anything but strong, relevant and completely necessary.

Building a relationship with yourself through self nurture, support, kindness and loving gestures, is an incredible gift that you can offer to yourself and only you have this choice and ability to claim it as relevant to you.  When all is said and done, the one that remains is you.  You with your head and heart as you lay in bed at night.  No matter who you have laying beside you, no matter how many friends or children you have or how busy your life is.  You as the most important person in your life.  There are always moments when you find yourself with just you and your feelings/thoughts/beliefs.  There is no one else in your inner world that can have the impact on your decisions as you.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to not rely upon anyone else’s approval?  Can you sense the impact that offering yourself a break, being kind to yourself, and starting to listen to the needs you may be craving and then actually be able to meet them within yourself.  Because you are the one in control of your actions, even when you may not be aware of why you may have a deep feeling of craving to be with someone or have them love you the way you want/need them to, you may begin appreciating and responding to match your own required healing towards aligning with you.  The layers of what once were there in unfulfilled yearning may become slowly filled, without you even expecting this outcome or being aware of the transformation.  As you step into supporting yourself, you begin to heal, feel a greater sense of peace and your focus is no longer on finding the person that you craved for previously.  You may be willing to accept what is just presented on your path of life as you enjoy growing in your own sense of self awareness and inner fulfilment.

Let’s rewind a bit now and not just call this Self Love, – let us relate to this blog being about something simpler and more able to be digested, such as, making the choice to allow yourself to be happy.  And when I say this, I relate to just initiating your smile to grow right now, and moving forward to find your smile as you let your heart grow.  To really feel the divine essence of what you carry beyond all complacency and illusion.  Just take it slow, really allow this to come to the surface and rise with the feeling deep within.  You do realise that this is feeling the love in your own heart for yourself too.  Choosing to feel good, to allow yourself to step aside, to place your face to the sun, or anything that resonates for your smile to truly come, is a wonderful gift of self love expression and you truly deserve it!

Take it slow as you build your trust in you!  You had it once before, you were born with it, it may have just been forgotten through the challenges of life’s existence and of course, the impact of relations.  You are still there in your beautiful sunshiny state of being and you are loved eternally.

Love’s Blessings



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