When we delve deeper into developing mutual trust, we see that it takes both angles to bring together the harmony towards peace in any interaction.  In intimate relationships, many times the mis-trust is through not honouring both people and clearly communicating needs to build trust.

Trust is vital to establish any solid foundation with another, be this, in friendships, intimate relationships, family or work colleagues.  However, mostly it is in the deeper relationships when clear communicating of what is felt, needed or missing, that we can honour ourselves in each other.  It is not just in basic trust of not having a person do something that does not honour them, rather it can also be if we feel the other is not communicating clearly and being truthful, this can create rifts.  Trust is also through being honest with how you feel and stating that clearly with respect to another. The other person will most often times, feel valued that you have taken clear direction to communicate how you feel and respect you more that you have been willing to share this with them.   If withholding this or denying, you may be missing the opportunity to build a more expansive, open relationship.  This can also make a person feel alone, if they do not take the approach of choosing to be honest. But of course, this is clearly further in line with our close relations and the people we choose to share our intimate world with.

To build trust can take assertive action to speak this to another, when and if you feel you are not being honoured in a certain way.  Of course, this too comes from what your internal needs are and what you require to bring greater unity and closeness in a relationship. Sometimes, it takes an inner strength to voice what it is you require or can see from another, but if we take the chance to honour ourselves enough to speak from our heart, we also then build a stronger stance within ourselves.  At the same time, what we attempt to stabilise and support within a relationship, we return this back within.  As with so many other actions of openness, we build inner trust with ourselves.

The best way to build a solid trust with another is through actions.  Words can be futile, but actions in the showing of how much you can love another, yourself and in taking care of a relationship, then this will form that beautiful mutuality of alignment with the other.  When it is shown that a person cares enough to hear clearly what another is stating their needs are or what is required to bring greater harmony for the other individual, then a barrier is broken and we can come closer together.  With trust, both ways we build a stability, an openness, a blessed portal of acceptance and strength within.  Love moves us in this way to understand with compassion how the other may feel and places our feet to initiate a response to support the relationship.

In truth, the way to build  mutual respect always begins with being brave enough to be honest with another, even if it is not understood the way we may wish it to.  It is the first initiation with the intention towards greater harmony.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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