How many times do we get caught up in things that deter us from being ‘fully’  present to what is being shown.  Whether that be from technological devices that lead us to distraction and away from conversing with another. Or on a deeper level, distractions can come from others that may wish to deter us from a higher calling/path.

On the technological side of things it is quite understandable given the way of the world today.  There are not many times when we are without technology or required to use it’s capabilities for other forms of connecting.

However, it is just the fact that often times we can become too absorbed with this distracting world of technology that we miss the simplistic moments of interacting, laughing, and being ‘in’ the relating with another.  It is not to say that technology isn’t required as it is a wonderful form of connecting further but to not become completely reliant upon it or too consumed by its presence. This takes conscious effort at times to consider and then take action to really ‘see’ just what enjoyment can come from placing aside a distraction to notice what opportunity we have before us. What a joy and a relief this can be when we take the time to just be in whatever moment is present.

Apart from the technological distractions that many have noticed, witnessed and understood, there is also a distraction from some that may wish to lead a person astray from their individual path of self-growth.  This can be from a point of the other not feeling good enough to honour themselves and wish to then distort another’s view.  When we allow this to happen, we may feel blocked from our inner alignment.  This may not be noticed at the time, but as with everything, it takes a deeper reflective ability to realise what it is you may be feeling.

We are here to experience and expand on all levels that are possible to us to learn, grow and explore the vastness of our abilities.  Life in general, can be a distraction in itself and steer us away from our individual learning if we get too absorbed in other peoples dramas, time schedules and common routines, etc.  Being aware of when and if you feel depleted by any of this absorption, give the alternative to step aside a go and gauge what you inner needs are.  This often times requires a part of breathing through the heart and allowing the feelings to disperse in order to feel your own sense of space once again.

Being consciously aware of when life becomes too distracting is what we may need to then withdraw from overwhelm and place ourselves back into our own heart space.

Love’s Blessings

Sariah Sistar



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