Listening from the heart – clearly hearing with compassion, empathy, nurturing skills and relating to ‘Just hear what another is saying-

With no judgements, needs of trying to fix, or find solutions. Just hearing words, feeling vibrations that are hidden amongst emotions or underneath the words, maybe it’s in the words unspoken that we can truly gauge what is being conveyed at times too –

Not thinking of ways to respond or allowing your own interpretation to decipher. Not attempting to fix another or give advice, maybe at times it’s Just in the allowing, witnessing, acknowledging another, holding them in a place that is In full support and connection from heart to heart.

There are times when a person wishes to just be held in this space without interruption, or interpretation, Just to Be’ is a beautiful gift that we can give to another. Just to Be in the moment of allowance, the surfacing of the true self is then seen in sacred honour of the other. In the feeling of safety in the presence of what is just being offered. Of course there are times when you may prompt another to share further, just as a supportive gesture to open up more.

Heart to heart, soul to soul, the embrace of the space in between-

This is holding space from the very essence of who we are underneath it all. A Being that is able to see the other as ourselves, using the virtues of our heartfelt gestures in our unity.

Loves Blessings


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