Its only in the Sunshine can you sense the core of what you mind may have hidden from view. By this I refer to the Inner Sun, as well as the assistance of the suns rays to baske in for our physical well-being. But yet, it is so simple and complexity quills of the intricacy too. Never can anything be defined. There is nothing that can be completely known, for we are all growing ever in endless sights to discover more and more and then some more too.

The need not to define anything, is from the stream of sunlight within us all. From the stream of allowing what will, begins to trust in the light of what will next appear. We become more enabled as voyagers of greatest of discoveries hidden amongst the highest learnings that we are open to receive.  When the receiving is matched with the inner perspective we begin our self growth in further advancement as we continue to walk in alignment to our hearts content.

If any disarray or uncertainty is causing despair then something as simple as placing our face to the Sun, can bring about a warmth in our hearts light too. From the rays of the sunlight we can use this to soften the intensity of emotions to rise into the Eternal stream of our heart. From there we may see that to be in the Heart is the place where we are strongest to allow, grow and redirect our intent.

If any experiences are consuming with uncertainty then to direct ourselves back to the core is where the truth lays. This is the most powerful space to be. As we re-centre from this focal point we can readdress and connect further to our own truth.

Sunshine can assist in the most basic of ways, to turn your direction to the sun and connect further to baske in the glow within.

Love’s Blessings,


One Reply to “The truth in the Sun”

  1. That is So Beautiful. YOU are crazy Beautiful. All True. And No Thing Is Truly Known.
    Live, Love, Light.
    Happy Healthy And Strong.


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