We are taught that love is defined by how another approves of us, what we give to them, how we need to feel in the comfort of them.  Then we feel loved, we feel valued, we feel appreciated.  Nestled in the definition of what we learn love to be, we comfort ourselves with feelings of care.  We are now worthy, we are important.  

We learn to beckon love to come..

We must then obey, to others’ whims, performing to love, for love, to feel it, to have it, to be comfortable.  Societal structures, conditioned generational beliefs and outer circumstances have left us with the feeling of insecurity, uncertainty and confined in the attempt to gain love.

What if we start to align?  What if we smell a rat?  What if we suspect that we are taught by a lie?  What then do we do with how we need love?

We start to stir, wake with greater understanding, seeing through attempts at our own performance for ‘this’ love.  

We smile in the face of change, of challenging this status quo, we smile with the knowledge of the seeing through the illusion of love defined based on anyone, even ourselves.

We appeal to know what this love is all about?  We laugh at the tame way in which we have designed our life to be based on the notion of further fitting in to be loved, accepted, understood.

We find clues, learn to try out what we find, experiment quietly within ourselves yet not at another’s expense, or the expense of needing to be any other way for ‘this’ love to be given.  We explore the edges of society’s commitment to act to fit into the approval fringes.  Yet, we are becoming unhinged, and a movement of popularity is expanding that bubble to avoid the spillages of conformity.  

Blurring lines are seen as we open to love being present just as it is. There is no way to view it, need it, give it or use it.  It doesn’t need for anything in order to find it.  Love laughs at the surprise on our own hearts as we reveal the gift of its loving. Just as it is. 

Loves Blessings

Sariah Sistar

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