Consciously connecting your presence

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Consciously connecting your presence

Divinity is not an easy concept to discuss. It is not something that can be understood as it is often through faith that we connect with this source. It is when you reach a certain place in oneself that divinity can be felt and then understood. What if I told you that there is a place of pure oneness that lays inside you that can be felt and used to move forward in life from a point of power, honesty and great love. A silent echo of vast expanse as you may explore further the truth of your existence. 

It has been written in sacred texts over centuries that the divine connection has been embedded in each human and the ironic state that the majority of people will seek externally in all places for this source is the normal way of societal conditioning.

Many have tried to achieve a sense of enlightenment only to be restricted further by rituals and limitations, which only limit the freedom of exploration in the uniqueness that each person is. Only you, yourself have these answers within you. Only you truly know how to connect to this divinity as your way, your own unique way, is the way through for you. When you are being true to yourself, you connect further to this space within you and most certainly then, no-one else can do this for you, but you!

Oftentimes people have thought of the divine as something that is unreachable. A source that is outside of one’s self. Maybe you have believed too, that divinity is an external source or God of some description, that does not relate to you. What is it then to understand that you have the divine inside of you. 

Have you ever sensed something inside of you that you could not explain? Some sort of wisdom that was guiding you to make decisions that are best for you. Maybe you have felt a moment of connection to this wisdom only to shrug it off as something that you cannot move with. It is in these moments that a choice is being given to you by your higher self to present this divinity to you and allow you to move further with it or against it. 

Many times in your life you may have felt the stirring of the power centre bringing you towards alignment with your highest good. Even if you have not understood what this calling was in you. It can feel a little bit uncomfortable to move in the direction of your divinity as it leads you to a new way, another direction to what you have known in your life before. Oftentimes your mind has guided you to analyse, criticise yourself and what decisions you make in life. Sometimes it has been the thoughts of others that have played vital roles in your life that are stuck somehow in your head. Thoughts of unworthiness have led you to believe that you are anything but powerful and capable of making decisions that are best for you. 

Divinity is our birthright, it is who we are.  Through the veils of earth’s learning ground we have forgotten who we are so as to experience what may be thought of as a disconnection.  Yet, we are consciously remembering in an accelerated way of our deeper connection to the divine we are. Reclaiming divinity is in expanding consciousness through deeper awareness of who you really are. 

These thoughts have been shaped around you and what others ‘think’ you should do in your life. That is completely fine as this can only lead you closer to the divinity inside of you. Feeling through these emotions can assist you to begin sensing the wonderment inside of you. Touching the divinity within will ignite the light in you to shine a loving hand to guide you to find your own way in life. This will enable you to make confident decisions based on what feels good to you. Remember you know yourself better than anyone else. You go to sleep with your head and your heart at night. You can hear the sweet voice inside of you, leading you to a calling of your highest good. Each person has all the answers to life’s questions inside of your heart space.

The heart space is where your spirit is placed inside of your body. It is in the very centre of your chest. When you place your hand over this space with love you can feel it stirring inside. Feel it now if you wish. Hold your hand gently over the centre of your chest and feel the warmth that you have in this part of your body. How does it feel? Does it stir any emotions for you? It is fine to feel a little emotional as you allow yourself to feel the radiance of what you glow inside. Allowance is a huge part of your growth and how you can expand this radiant glow. When you allow yourself to shine forth with each step you take, you are sowing a new way for yourself to express the divinity in you.

With the divine as your inner guide you will experience reconnection to the truth of what you are, who you are and why you are here. Your purpose will be shown to you from yourself as you find all of life’s answers in your power centre. If you have been searching for direction as we all do on our journey through life then you will begin to explore the vastness of your potential inside of yourself. As I have previously stated, the divine is not outside of yourself or just in an elite few, but in all of us. Every human has this divinity, this connection to a source of pure love, it only takes courage to find the knowledge of your existence.

Journey well.

Sariah x

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  1. Hello there, I’ve adored reading your musings on your blog. I’m looking to make friends who are spiritually inclined, who’d possibly like to collaborate and would love to get to know you. My email address is ~

    Hope to hear from you! Love. 🙏🏻♥️

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