Embracing your Authenticity

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Embracing your authenticity

Many times people get caught up in trying to be authentic with others in their life, without firstly being true and honest with themselves. When you are only focusing on the external factors of interactions with others, then you are missing the vital key to complete authenticity. Your life may have been playing out with unknown factors that are causing much anguish, hardship and sorrow due to not reflecting within yourself. Maybe you have heard about, or read about or even been told by a friend to be honest with people in your life to live your life from what you truly wish to do or be. However, if you are only attempting to change the external circumstances around you and forgetting to align with yourself too, in your mind, body and soul, you will surely be missing the point of transforming your life.

We all have an inner world, a focal point that comes from within, due to having a mind and a physical existence that creates our world view. It takes courage to see the inside layers of understanding yourself to become aligned with YOUR inner knowing which will be connecting you deeper to the higher level of you. Many times you may glimpse in your daily life, when you are not being honest with yourself and this is the indicator to acknowledge and begin to hear. There is a little voice inside of you that is attempting to be heard over the chatter of the larger part of the mind, which is commonly called the Ego self. Most certainly, you would have heard this inner guidance within you, even just for a brief moment or longer still to notice and feel its presence.  The direction of true growth is moving with this feeling, allowing it to stay longer and to linger in it.  Feel the presence and to honour it, in order to really know it.  This creates the breakthrough of further inner expansion to really know yourself more and to gauge your own feeling of your alignment to you. 

As we look deeper within ourselves, we are able to witness, understand and direct ourselves in any way we wish. Taking a good look within, forms a relationship with yourself time and time again to build a connection that cannot be altered by anyone else. The stability of a solid foundation with yourself is vital to transformation. You may have heard before that external factors will never give you inner peace and this is completely true. For you may see that the millionaire or celebrity that has wealth and abundance, may never be truly happy without having stability inside of themselves. The belief has been built around many people, due to no fault of anyone else, that you must attain wealth, happiness, good relationships, a better job, and the list goes on, in order to be content with your circumstances. However, I am going to share my experiences, reflections and deeper witnessing as I address the inner world view. I have found an alignment within myself that has become inner peace, authenticity is prevalent in all areas of my life and furthermore, I have complete acceptance of myself, others and the duty of what I see I am here to share with you.

Everyone has an internal functioning system that is unique unto yourself. There is not one person on the planet that does not have both an ego self and a higher self. Or rather, what is commonly known as the higher self, I prefer to describe this as the divine intelligence system or the soul self. You may hear me mention this deeper part of you, when I am sharing support and information with you.

Universal intelligence is in the inner world of you too and only wishes for you to understand and take hold of it, so to speak, to live from the guide of this support. Stop for a moment and take that breath now, to pause in the centre of you and you will feel, sense or connect with this part of yourself.

What sensation arises within you as you take this moment to yourself? You have glimpsed this deeper part of you that you may choose to focus on at any time you desire. The more times you witness this focal point, the more it will expand and grow. Yes, there will still be other thoughts and emotions that we will discuss to assist with deeper understanding for you to work thorough, and this will also assist with any blockages and limitations. As limitations of the mind are understood, you will be able to excel by releasing any unwanted conditions that have been placed around your divine intelligence system, assisting with creating further space to expand the true you.

The true you is individual to yourself and cannot be completely conceptualised by any other. Your unique capacity to reveal your truth is based entirely on your own inner knowing and knowledge as you explore the existence of your life. For the true you is hidden for your own self to explore in the wonder within and is not a journey for anyone else to take this from you. If you look further amongst the people in your life, you may witness further understanding from a neutral point of view, of how others may feel as they are always seeking approval from others and how this has also been conditioned in you. You see, human conditioning has shaped the way you view yourself and dis-abled your complete ability to live your life based on your own individual knowledge and your own intelligence. There too, is a purpose to this built into the conditioning, which can place you in what can be described, as the opposite or duality of another focal point. If you can witness the conditioning, then can you furthermore expand your understanding to direct yourself towards your own individual standpoint. If you did not or do not have the conditioned approach to see how you have been shaped, you would not be able to witness the other part of yourself. So this is all relevant for the deeper understanding of your own journey through life and to lead yourself to reveal your true state of being.

Be true, be you.

Journey well.

Sariah Sistar

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