Being honest with yourself is finding your truth

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Being honest with yourself is finding your truth

There are many times when you may have gotten caught up in trying to be honest with yourself by projecting a stronger stance with others and this has left you feeling greater anguish. Many have been led to believe that it takes a fiery warrior like presence to show authenticity towards others. This is not uncommon and is understandable, given the level of emotional turbulence that relationships can impact on your sense of self-worth and value in a conditioned society that has been left without compassion, in a general sense or even respect for individuals. Maybe you have been advised by friends or other readings, to stand up for yourself and take back your power by asserting a sense of domination over others and this is never the way that will bring you the sense of inner peace. In fact, if you have already tried this, you will know that you never felt good in attempting to justify your actions to others and have not felt any satisfaction to take that action. This is due to the effect of not having the stability of support within yourself to shape your life from a peaceful assertion rather than from an unstable position of being more inclined to show others how strong you are, without firstly building it inside of you. Authenticity is the quiet resolve found with yourself and then fuelled by the flame of your own sense of self. Then you may come in peace and take the forward action from a solid base within you and you will truly realise the alignment that comes with this deeper understanding and focal point. On that note, it does not mean that you need to always be in peace or a certain way to appease anyone else. It just is the realisation that you know what your truth is to you and your clarity can then become apparent naturally towards others too.

Authenticity is a truth about you, and what you find in your intimate journey that you have with yourself and only you can know how this feels for you as you sense the presence of your honesty with you. It is not for you to justify to others your actions that you are taking towards leading your life in authenticity. It can come as a quiet, silent inner journey where you keep witnessing your truth and slowly start to replay your life out in the way you truly wish.  Oftentimes, many wish to share with others what they are finding in themselves and in doing so, they find that in the sharing they are also looking for acceptance or approval in some sense that this is right. This is a whole other area of discussing the concept of the conditioned belief of being accepted in society and feeling the need to give away all of your own sense of self-worth over to others. This is not required any longer and you may now choose to quietly contemplate your inner workings whilst transforming on every level at your own will. You may be pleasantly surprised as you build your support in honesty with yourself, that what you once required in approval from others you are finding naturally in yourself. This is the approval of yourself that you have been seeking from others and this is truly empowering to find the stability of this and the presence of the strength that you never before realised you had in you. Indirectly as you become more honest with yourself you naturally build this solid base from within that can subconsciously reshape many parts of your sense of self-worth, forgiveness and healing on a whole other level. But for now, it is to say that you are not expecting yourself to be instantly healed, or to be completely at peace within the first time you step out to confront what you have tried to hide from yourself. Just in allowance of the growth to rise and expand in your understanding do you naturally feel the sense of your truth blossoming.

Excerpt from the book, ‘LIVING FROM YOUR TRUE SELF’ – Awakening the deeper part of you

Journey well.

Sariah Sistar

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