Divinity Reclaimed

Divinity Reclaimed is the title of my first course that I created, based on my divine guidance to assist you to connect further to your true power. A series of eight modules are included in the content, with video streams, downloadable pdf’s and questionaires that will assist you in remembering your greater powerful presence.

Creating the series has been a true blessing. To bring the support of consciously reconnecting our divinity is a pleasure to share. As we begin the next phases of our collective advancement, many people are searching for deeper meaning, more of who they are is coming into effect. Longings of understanding purposes, reasons and ways in assuring safe footing on earth are being opened.

The creation of this series of modules was a rebirth effect in itself. As the calling in me was felt a few years back to bring forth more of what was divinely guided for me to share. After publishing ‘Living from your true self’, more so of life has been shown in the attempt for deeper discussion that I have encountered based on removing barriers between us all. As we collectively experience what it is to live from our true state, we begin to see the similarities in us, rather than differences. And in my experiences I am gauging that many people are consciously awakening to the bigger presence of their purpose here in this lifetime.

Divinity Reclaimed is a series of 8 powerful modules that will lead you towards walking more confidently, more powerfully and truly more unapolegetically you!
You will be guided clearly on how to be your Authentic Self
By proven steps, you will begin to strip back all that isn’t you.
The time is now for you to stand tall and direct your life
The greatest angst in life is to live in opposition to your truth
Learn techniques to realign and connect back to you, is the returning back to consciously connecting your divinity
Embrace the moment, feel your truth and connect your true power
Learn to adapt to change, use positive reinforcement to your benefit, owning your power, trusting yourself, connecting to your true guidance and so much more
Each series has downloadable content, reflective questionaires, video streams and further content
If you feel ready to:
Become more of who you truly are
Learn proven steps towards supporting your alignment
Build greater Self-confidence, Self-acceptance and Universal flow
Then…Be Guided, Supported and Held as you Uncover All you truly are and can be!
“This course is Full of in-depth content that creates true change in self-transformation”
To be free to be yourself is the direction of all course content to assist your evolution into the greatest mystery on earth – your True Self
We are now in a time of profound change. Developing trust within our authenticity and living in a more vulnerable yet transparent state of being, has never been more important.

In our current times, many people are seeing through societal complacency and conformity. They are questioning motives and needs for fitting in. They are stirring with self empowering leadership of their own inner guidance rather than old outdated platforms of limited zones.

So in stating this, we are shifting into a greater abyss of our own unfolding. We are embracing our uniqueness by seeing the opposite effect of identifying and labelling people based on what is accepted or not. This unfolding is certainly creating a greater influence for us all to walk closer to our true virtues of who we are, individually and then in unity with our collective humanity.

The timing for the creation of ‘Divinity Reclaimed’ has been birthed and unexpectedly feels in line with our current influx of so many wishing to walk in greater alignment to who they really are.

For further information and details on purchasing the series, please visit my website.

Sariah Sistar

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